Giving up sugar will enhance your health considerably. There are many many benefits, some of which you may be already aware of. But the reality is, that when your sugar consumption is a little out of hand and you know it is time to get back control, the change can be tough. Here are some things we want you to know as you take the courageous step to giving up sugar this year!

1. You will probably experience cravings

Cravings are a completely normal response when removing something you have been frequently consuming in your diet. When you embark on your sugar detox journey, cravings may occur. The good news is this is only short-term. When we work with clients who are making big changes to their nutrition and are cutting back on carbs, sugars and lots of processed foods, we often say that the hardest time-frame is the first 2-3 weeks provided the changes being made are consistent and being stuck too!

2. This may help you to lose weight easier

Perhaps weight loss is one of your goals, if not, but it would be helpful...then giving up sugar will most likely result in welcomed weight loss. Why does giving up sugar help you lose weight? When you quit sugar it means you quit processed food. And when you quit processed food that means you’re quitting empty calories.

3. You can aim for progress and not perfection

There are different types of sugars you will need to cull from your diet and this will probably take time, so it is worth knowing that progress is going to happen even if you only start by cutting out the obvious sugars such as cakes, soft drinks and lollies. You could be an all or nothing person, however you want this to be a long-term change right? So in this being said, aim for consistent progress that you can stick to and really cement your new healthy habits around!

4. You can find energy elsewhere!

Sugar could be your current vice for energy, however you may have noticed that the highs and lows that follow when consuming sugar leave you experiencing a roller coaster ride of energy levels throughout your day? The good news is there is another amazing option for you and that is to switch your energy source from glucose (sugar) to ketones (healthy fats). This switching does take a little bit of time and we also recommend you seek guidance, but the end result will be a higher quality of sustained energy throughout your day and much better control of your blood glucose levels.

5. Friends and Family might challenge you!

Yes that's right! The eating environments you will be in as you make change could challenge you, so be prepared. Often friends and family will be very supportive and encouraging when they know someone they care about is trying to make positive changes, but if you are feeling like the 'only one' caring for your **new** way of eating then it can pose as a hurdle e.g. temptation, justifying yourself, avoidance of gatherings, conflict, guilt etc...

When it comes to being that 'pink elephant in the room' who is making significant change and those around you haven't quite seen the light, just stay calm and optimistic. If you can provide a plate of food to take then do this so you can share the love and keep in better control of your own choices. Have a mindset of confidence about your decision to make change and do not apologise for making this choice.

Good luck taking the next step and enjoy the healthier YOU on the other side!

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