The ketogenic approach was originally developed to treat epilepsy in children but has gained traction in recent years for its ability to transform your body into a fat burning machine once a state of nutritional ketosis is achieved and also due to its anti-inflammatory promoting benefits . Many people believe that the Ketogenic approach is a low carb approach but it is different.

The keto way is stricter with carbohydrate intake (aiming for less than 50g of carbs per day and within the 20-30g per day range). This can require the restriction of all fruits, starchy vegetables, and dairy products and thus maintenance/compliance can be challenging for many.

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If the Ketogenic approach is going to be the best for your health needs then it is worth knowing how to optimise this eating strategy. In all cases, seeking professional and qualified nutritional advice is recommended before you start, but here are some must know points;

  • A good ketogenic diet will put you into nutritional ketosis
  • The Keto approach will increase the ketones in your cells
  • Ketosis improves lean body mass - great for weight loss and speeding up your metabolism
  • Hydration management can be an issue, seeking qualified support before you start should be considered
  • Fat provides a majority of dietary energy intake (not protein)
  • Counting calories is not necessary for success - but definitely worth knowing about and understanding
  • Eating real foods is a must and you should avoid all keto promoting powders and pills
  • A well-formulated ketogenic diet should be aligned to your individual macro nutrient needs according to your goals

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