1. Discover joy in the kitchen

If you are looking to feel great in the kitchen then you will love what8 full weeks of LCHF has to offer! Learning new step-by-step recipe ideas that will be great for your health will bring back the joy you need when it comes to meal prep and helping you get your health in order.

2. Real food will give you freedom

No one likes to feel restricted, it creates more stress, pressure and can lead to a relapse in the way you maintain your health. When you can connect with 'realness' then you will discover a renewed sense of freedom in your life which will help you feel more relaxed, calm and motivated.

3. Your new habits will mean less waste

Learn to shop for what you and your family need and not what you think you need because its on 'special'. Creating wastage not only causes havoc on our environment but it is an extremely expensive money wasting exercise.

4. Reduced shopping stress

Stress can create a trigger for poor decision making, especially when it comes to our health. we will work hard at helping you understand exactly where you need to be when food shopping which will eliminate along of stress and angst. (we can even give you some tips on shopping with kids in tow :))

5. Get in touch with your creative side

Yep! You may think you are not the most creative person but when you have all these new ideas and confidence you will be surprised at what you will think of that will be delicious, healthy and a little outside the square. .

6. Enjoy being with like-minded people

When you know you need to make changes in your life, often changing who you are influenced by will have a significant impact on your ability to achieve new positive change. We help you connect with like-minded people throughout your 8 week program which will provide you with the reinforcement, encouragement and inspiration you need.

7. Mindset shift

Perspective is everything when it comes to being in charge of your future. Mindset is just as much about being healthy as the healthy food you eat. Often when we are in a bad place with our health our mindset is not providing us with the best version of the story we need to be reading. So get ready for a positive mindset shift when you jump on board.

8. Empowerment from a challenge!

When was the last time you embarked on a new challenge? We are big believers in setting ourselves new challenges in life. It is a great way to renew our sense of empowerment and vitality. Our mission in having you be one of our 8 week members is that you grab this challenge with gusto and allow yourself to feel a new level of empowerment in your life.

Our next 8 week LCHF program starts JANUARY 8TH - register now, click here

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