Stress is something that everybody encounters, just about every day. My guess is that in the fast pace life we are living, it is more often than not.

I remember as a little girl, how much my mum used to worry and stress. Most of the time I had no idea what the reason behind it was, but I remember seeing her anxious and stressed and I did not like it one bit. As I grew older and wiser, I often asked her whether worrying about the situation and stressing herself out, made any difference to the outcome of the situation. She used to smile at me and told me, I’m too wise for my age.

Later on, when I became a young adult, I had the ability to calm her and tell her to stop, take a breath and think….is getting all worked up, worried and stressed, really going to change the situation or the outcome?

To find a solution, you have to be able to think clearly. How can you do that, when your whole body is tense and your mind is one big ‘white noise’?

It worked….every time!

Our diet, sleep, exercise and many other external factors contribute to our health. STRESS is ‘up there’, with the ability to have major implications on our health. I see it every day.

It is almost like alcohol in some ways….in small amounts it is OK, but in large amounts it ‘clouds our vision’ and affect our health.

If you are on a journey to better health, whatever your circumstances may be, know that stress will hamper your effort, adversely affect your health and quite often become the biggest obstacle/excuse, standing in your way.

My advice to you: You may not be able to control the stress (the reason), but you CAN CONTROL HOW YOU RESPOND to it. Think about it for a minute…..does worrying about it make you feel better? Does it bring solutions? Does it change the outcome? Probably not...

“In life, you will fall.

You will make mistakes.

It’s unavoidable.

But, when it happens, will you choose to get back up?

No matter where you find yourself today, you don’t have to stay down.

Take a breath, ask for help, and keep fighting” – Brett Culp

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