Avocado: A Nutritional Powerhouse

16.08.2017 Education, LCHF, Nutrition

Forget an apple-a-day, we suggest an avocado-a-day to keep the doctor away!

How Much Healthy Fat?

30.04.2017 Education, Information, LCHF, Nutrition, Nutrition for Life, Health, Healthy Fats

How much healthy fat should you be consuming as part of a balanced diet? This...

Tips for healthy eating when at work

16.10.2016 Education, Nutrition, Workplace Nutrition

Practical tips to help you make healthy food choices at work, including sample lunchbox ideas.

Going against the grain

05.04.2016 Education, LCHF, Low Carb

Just how many carbohydrates are you consuming if you're following the Australian Dietary Guidelines?

Confused about Oils?

03.03.2016 Education, Information, LCHF

Do you know how to determine if your deli items are stored in inflammatory polyunsaturated...

Product of the month - Sauerkraut

16.11.2015 Education, Information, Nutrition

Bec interviews the Three Fermented Queens, handcrafting wild fermented foods using the best Tasmanian produce.

Muesli matters: Avoiding hidden sugars

20.08.2015 Education, Low Carb, Sugar

Looking for an LCHF alternative to sugar-laden muesli bars? Look no further!

Vegetable of the month - Celeriac

19.08.2015 Education, Nutrition for Life

Looks can be deceiving - why you should give celeriac a chance!

Nutritional ketosis and LCHF

07.06.2015 Education, LCHF, Low Carb

While nutritional ketosis may be very beneficial for some, it is not a starting point...

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