6 Habits of People Who Achieve Their Weight Loss Goals

Over the past few years we have worked with people who have achieved some amazing health results. Their habits have certainly helped them along the way and we want to share some of these with you!

Transforming your life requires retraining your habits. Here are 6 habits we want our clients to develop and apply for their success.

Do you want weight loss, reduced inflammation and a healthier happier you? Here are some ways to get there!

1. Consistency

We can’t stress this enough – consistency is king! Dipping in and out of healthy eating will cause havoc.

Even if you have the occasional higher carb meal it will be your 80% rule that will get you there. Stay consistent.

2. Enjoy Food

The minute you start to label food as ‘good or ‘bad’, you’re adding an emotional guilt factor that’s hugely unhelpful, and more likely to lead to overeating. Learn your healthy foods by getting LCHF educated and you shall discover so many amazing options available that you can enjoy guilt free.

3. Harness the power of daily positive thinking

Reciting positive thoughts are proven to build resilience and change your neural pathways. In other words, you can rewire your brain.

Take a minute each day to train your brain to think positive. Perhaps tell yourself "I will have a happy day", "I love to enjoy healthy food" or "I deserve to look after myself" or this one >>>

4. Meal Planning

Knowing exactly what you will eat and planning in advance your healthy meals and snacks is important for success.

We have some great e-books which can help you start to 'meal plan' well.click here.

5. Improve self-awareness

Self-awareness is the ability to recognise why you behave the way you do. Self-awareness development can teach you so much about yourself you may not already know, e.g. what situations trigger you to eat unhealthy foods or make you feel emotions that change your appetite.

A really great exercise to improve your self-awareness for healthy eating is to write down how you felt when you ate the meals you did over a two week period. This will give you a good indication of your behaviours and certain trends that you may need to break.

Understanding your own mind - and the thought patterns or emotional responses that no longer serve you – is an essential part of reaching your goals and setting lifelong habits.

6. Enjoy breakfast or brunch!

Start your day with a healthy LCHF inspired breakfast or brunch experience. This may help set the tone for your day and you will want to continue the momentum.

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