It is Worksafe Month in Tasmania and Andrew Mellas, Educational Manager at TasTAFE, asked our Accredited Practising Dietitian, Juliana Lisboa, to present our Nutrition for Life " How Much Sugar?" workshop to the Construction & Allied Trades educators in Hobart, today.

Andrew had previously attended the "How Much Sugar?" workshop at the Tas Skills Conference earlier this year. After today's presentation he sent through the following feedback:

"Thank you for facilitating a great workshop today, Juliana!

It was great to see our guys engaged and helped to push the message of sugar intake and the issues that can arise from over consumption.

The teachers were looking at other labels on food items when you left at afternoon tea!

They were analysing the sugar component of each item, it goes to show that a sound impression was made, well done!

The workshop has fallen on WH&S Week and is timely for Sean and myself, and our staff, to have an awareness of what are appropriate choices in sugar intake."

We are excited to have 4 more Nutrition for Life "How Much Sugar?" sessions booked around the State next week.

If you, or your business, would like to find out more about any of our sessions, or other Workplace Nutrition packages on offer, please take a look or email our business manager, Sarah Yates

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