Every week we help people take back control of their Diabetes. Here are some fantastic results from our clients which indicate their increased blood sugar control not to mention all the other wonderful health benefits they achieved like reducing medications, better sleep and improved energy.

This graph shows just how amazing the results from following a lower carbohydrate healthy fat (LCHF) diet can be!

Our clients following the advice of their practitioner have seen amazing improvements in their HbA1c.

These graphs show that many people following a low carbohydrate, healthy fat diet have been able to control, lower and stabilise their blood glucose levels. Many have controlled their diabetes so well that they have been able to reduce and come off some medications!

*Other medications reduced included cholesterol medication, blood pressure medication, anti-inflammatory medication, IBS medications and anti-depressants.

Clients have seen amazing improvements in their Blood Glucose Levels when testing at home. Prior to following an LCHF diet responding clients were recording readings anywhere from 5-10mmol and often above 10mmol, now after following an LCHF diet many have reduced their average BGL with to between 4-8mmol. It is fair to say that almost all respondents have reduced their average BGLs!

You can’t argue with these results! An LCHF diet can improve and may reverse your type 2 diabetes and better manage type 1 diabetes, reducing the risk of further complications. The "side affects" from following an LCHF diet cannot be ignored and an LCHF diet is NOT just for those with diabetes, it can also prevent diabetes!

If you would like to control your diabetes the way many of our patients have, then give our centre a call and make a start.

Note: Any changes to your diet should be made in consultation with your General Practitioner and/or a Nutritional Consultant. Contact our friendly team today for more information about our services and let us help you take back control of your health.

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