Hi, Dietitian Danielle here...Here I am providing you with my review on Beach Harvest Coconut Chips

Missing that crunch you used to get from potato chips? Well here is a perfectly healthy alternative! Pure organic Australian grown Coconut dehydrated so that it goes crunchy!

You can get these salted or plain and they contain no preservatives or chemicals like many other chips do! These are ideal for snacking, throwing through salads, adding to your breakfast granola mix, or putting in the kids lunchboxes.

These coconut chips are rich in highly beneficial coconut oil, here see our healthy fats guide and you will note this as a listed healthy fat item. Coconut oil has shown to support immune function, keep diabetes in check, improve your skin, and stimulate your thyroid.

Pictured here is our recommenced Beach Harvest Coconut Chips

You can purchase these delicious chips from www.lowcarbemporium.com.au and our followers can get 5% off their purchase (excluding shipping) by entering the code NUTRITIONFORLIFE (all in CAPITAL LETTERS) at the checkout. Enjoy!!

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