Hi, Dietitian Danielle here...Here I am providing you with my review on Kitz Seed Crackers

There is many recipes out there for DIY seed crackers (we even have one) but sometimes in our busy lives we just don’t get the time to be as organised as we would like to be! This is why stocking up on seed crackers can be a good idea! They are simply divine added onto cheese platters and served with dips, olives, cold meats, pate etc. You can also crumble them over your salads or use them as a sandwich/pizza base. They can be a healthy 'dry lchf option'.

The guys at Kitz Seed Crackers make their crackers with all organic activated seeds and add nothing but that. They are dehydrated below 47 degrees for optimal crunch, taste and nutrition. This variety are also nut free so can be put in school lunch boxes, which as many parents know, finding healthy nut-free ideas can be a struggle.

You will really boost your intake of fibre and healthy fats with these awesome crackers.

The Food Label

Where to find these?

You can purchase these delicious chips from www.lowcarbemporium.com.au and our followers can get 5% off their purchase (excluding shipping) by entering the code NUTRITIONFORLIFE (all in CAPITAL LETTERS) at the checkout. Enjoy!!

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