Sorry to interrupt your time on the loo, we're just wondering what number two do you do?...

A good number two is a Type 4 on the stool chart.

A healthy bowel movement should occur around every 12-24 hours, however this can vary between individuals.

There should be no straining, excess pushing or urgency; just a comfortable movement in one full piece that doesn’t require much clean up and doesn’t overly smell!

Talking about bowel movements can be embarrassing but the team here at Nutrition for Life Healthcare understand the importance of good gut health and encourage you to talk about your bowel with them!

Remember, a healthy number two means a healthy you!

If you're struggling with regular diarrhoea, constipation, cramping or digestive discomfort contact us today to see how we can help you improve your number twos!

Note: Any changes to your diet should be made in consultation with your General Practitioner and/or Dietitian/Nutritional Consultant. Contact our friendly team today for more information about our services and let us help you take back control of your health.

Try our starting our e-books **NEW, these along with following the advise from your Practitioner at Nutrition for Life will be an amazing combination to help you fast track your good health progress.

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