Whilst good health should be a priority, it is challenging for people to maintain sight of this when in fact they are managing a serious weight issue.

Weight loss goals are a very good reason to look for help and make dietary changes. We at Nutrition for Life work with many people who want to achieve weight loss and often at the time they see this as their main focus given its debilitating nature to all areas of their life and health.

Excess weight, especially obesity, is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, some musculoskeletal conditions and some cancers. As the level of excess weight increases, so does the risk of developing these conditions.

Wanting to be healthy is important but it is okay to have 'weight loss' as the main focus when this is of major concern.

A quick summary of low carb for weight loss!

1. Reduce your carbohydrate intake; if you are consuming a diet high in processed foods, high in refined carbohydrates and sugars then you need to decrease this from your diet

2. Eat more healthy fats so that you feel satisfied between meals (but seek help to get your balance right > learn more)

3. Ensure you eat plenty of protein – again seek help so you consume the right balance - too much protein may cause issues long-term and inhibit progress.

4. Create and consume meals that will keep you satisfied so you are not snacking all day long - see example, click here.

5. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables each day to get fibre, essential minerals and vitamins.

6. Increase your salt intake when making changes which comply with Low Carb Healthy Fat Eating - see this blog on salt, click here .

Get Educated!!!

With so much information available on the internet we encourage you to keep an eye out for the more credible sites to view and learn from.

  1. https://www.dietdoctor.com/
  2. http://thenourishedcaveman.com/recipes/
  3. http://www.thebantwagon.com/
  4. http://www.lowcarbisland.com/
  5. http://ginnyslowcarbkitchen.blogspot.com.au/
  6. https://whatthefatbook.com/

Useful Tools!!!

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