Here we relay an interview with Mat about why he chose to cook a premium cut of pork belly on this $20 sandwich press and dared to think he would get away with it....

Nutrition for Life: " Mat, how on earth did you come up with this idea"?

Mat: "saw it on facebook and thought awesome I could do that and actually make some use of my sandwich press"

Nutrition for Life: " So did you think it was going to work"?

Mat: " I wasn't really sure, but I was really keen to give it a go"

Nutrition for Life: "Well for your first time trying this and on camera you did you pretty job don' you think"?

Mat: "Yes, the pork belly in 40 minutes came out better than I have ever cooked it in the oven"

Nutrition for Life: "You have had a number of views on this video, did you think it would do this well'?

Mat: "I was actually surprised! I was hoping to get 100 views...but then when it just kept getting watched and shared I was really shocked"

Nutrition for Life: " What do you hope people get out of watching your video"?

Mat: "I hope this video gives viewers confidence to think outside of the square when it comes to cooking and that you don't always need 'top of the range gear' to get a good result".

Nutrition for Life: "Our final question...'what is next Mat?"

Mat: "Hmmm, who knows maybe a 'Fathead' pizza on a sandwich press, I reckon this could do well"

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