What is Nutrition Minimalism?

As a dietitian I have spent many years studying a wide variety of diets and eating plans for a wide variety of health conditions. If nutrition was simple there would probably be one diet that would suit everyone. If it was “easy” there would probably be no need for dietitians, nutritionists, doctors, therapists and other health professionals who lead people in the direction of healthier lives. On a daily basis I see so many different cases that can really be helped by encouraging people to keep food choice simple.

"Nutrition can be complex but nourishing your body does not have to be"

We as a society are becoming busier and busier and thus the terms simplicity and minimalism are becoming more appealing to many and can apply to many facets of our lives. For me personally the terms simplicity, minimalism and nutrition have become intertwined.

“At the end of the day, my eating philosophy is all about keeping it as simple as possible by eating fresh, wholesome, minimally processed food”

The less that has been done to the food product the better! Healthy eating is about going back to basics. I believe there is no need to follow recipes with fifty steps or cook for 5 hours to make delicious food. If I WAS going to do this then I would cook in bulk quantities and fill up my freezer with emergency meals.

HINT: There is absolutely nothing wrong with the humble meat and 3 veg dinner! This also does not need to be BORING. Add flavour with herbs and spices, garlic, mustards, soy sauce, flavoured butters etc.

There is also nothing wrong with not cooking at all! An antipasto platter of cheeses, cold meats and fish, olives, pate, vegetable sticks and homemade dip is a great option (check out our grain free Nut Crackers). This option will also save you on electricity (no stove/oven/microwave needed) and water (no washing up!).

“If we think about the diet our ancestors would have followed there was no food packaging. Food came from the land”

Choosing foods that don’t come with large amounts of packaging is better for the environment as it saves from adding to landfill.

Plus here are my other reasons why keeping nutrition minimal works:

  1. Eating fresher foods that haven’t spent lots of time being transported also reduces oil and carbon dioxide emissions.
  2. If you are consuming something that comes from a packet remember to read the food label and ensure you recognize all the ingredients and avoid products with long ingredient lists that contain lots of numbers (preservatives/additives).
  3. The fewer the ingredients the better. When you start to do this it may lead you to simpler alternatives for example using olive oil and vinegar to dress your salad instead of a pre-made salad dressing in a bottle with 1000 ingredients.
I eat a wide variety of seasonal and locally grown fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately living in an apartment I don’t have much scope to grow any of my own fruit or veg so I mostly stock up at the local harvest market on the weekend (and steal from mum and dads garden when they aren’t looking!). I eat moderate amounts of protein and I enjoy healthy natural sources of fat with all my meals. I find that by eating this way I tend to always have a full fridge and empty pantry.In simple terms, I load up on the good stuff, cut out most bad stuff, I don’t need to count calories and I eat when I feel hungry. This is what works for me and I feel happy and healthy!

If you want to learn how to keep it simple and take back control of your health, whether this be for weight loss, diabetes, or chronic disease management then please contact our centre to ask about how you can get started.

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