Making changes to the way you eat may have been a painful experience in the past but with real food eating the experience should be satisfying.

You are not giving up anything you don't need

Processed foods high in carbs and sugar are foods that are not essential to your health and wellness. However if you have been consuming a modern western-diet you have formed a perceived need for these food types. In fact your body would be now well in-tuned with being fuelled on glucose (sugar).

Fuelling on a predominantly "carb" approach will mean a need to regularly top-up your energy needs. If you are relying on carbs then you will be kindling your energy needs all day long. (giving you the feeling of being constantly hungry not to mention blood sugar level spikes)

The body needs a sustainable energy source to feel well

When we teach people about food we teach them about food that can make them feel well and that will help them heal. We do not teach a diet. A diet is to imply something 'short-term'.

When eliminating foods you do not need to physically function will then require you to replace them with foods you need to repair, heal and replenish. This is achieved by eating plenty of low unprocessed carbohydrate foods, sources of protein and healthy fats.

Healthy fats in the right balance with the other key macro-nutrients (carbs-fats-protein) will mean you can create a sustained energy source and burn fat more effectively. Along with a wide range of other health benefits.

Examples of real food eating


Why should I change the way I currently eat?

Everyday we receive questions from people who are wanting to be healthier or manage a chronic condition. When we dig a little deeper, it is their current diet that is inhibiting aspects of their health. Food in medicine.

How is our approach 'not a diet'?

We do not provide a one sized fits all solution. Nor do we encourage calorie counting. We help you focus on food that will heal you and that you will enjoy. We also see that eating is a way of life and we want you to enjoy a long life of eating healthy food.

Where can I receive some help?

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