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Shopping with Three Boys is Every Mother’s Dream Job … NOT!

While I have good boys, even they can be challenging visiting the supermarket, sometimes. Now that we spend less time in the supermarket it isn't nearly as much of a problem, but still there is the occasional fight over who will push the trolley. As to ‘what goes in’ and ‘what stays out’ of the trolley, I know this often causes angst for parents, especially with the pull and tug of marketing on food labeling and the media confusion around what’s healthy and what’s not.

LCHF Lifestyle

Adopting the LCHF (Lower Carbohydrate/Healthy Fat) lifestyle is easy for some, but for others it is going to be harder. Changing habits and unlearning misconceptions around food, nutrition and your health can take time.

This is why we, as practitioners, are here at the Nutrition for Life centre. Our team of healthcare professionals want to help you through the process of adopting a whole new lifestyle, which often contradicts what we have all been told to follow for the last 40-50 years!

Our aim is to help you form and establish new habits, grow confidence in these new practices and continue with it successfully, once you have reached the end of your program.

As part of our Nutrition for Life services, I have been running a Supermarket Educational here at the centre, in Launceston. Unfortunately, it has been nearly impossible to fit everybody into the desired time slots.

So … here’s my idea! Why not discuss supermarket shopping/label reading and all the tips and tricks we share, right here as a blog post for the month of December and have weekly discussions for our members on our closed Facebook Page group?

I believe that even without children, the supermarket can be a challenging place and sometimes it’s good to have a recheck and just go back to basics.

Please join me (Dawida Rose-Nel) and let’s talk grocery shopping!

Please feel free to share any thoughts or questions with regards to your supermarket shopping experiences on the members page or send us a question via our contact form below, we would love to hear from you.


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