​280 Australians develop Type 2 diabetes every day ... that's one person every 5 minutes. The question was, could three ordinary Aussies set an example that would turn around a national epidemic?

Local Launceston man, Tony Benneworth, agreed to be part of Channel 7's Sunday Night program The Saving Australia Diet after being told by his GP he was a walking time bomb of poor health.

He adopted a Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat lifestyle mentored by Dr. Gary Fettke, an orthopaedic surgeon in Launceston who is confronted by the complications of diabetes every week in his practice, and Chef Pete Evans as part of the TV special.

Behind the scenes, Tony was fully supervised by his local GP and his personalised nutrition plan was created by Accredited Practising Dietitians, Nutritionists and a Credentialled Diabetes Educator at the Nutrition for Life Centre in Launceston (which was shown in each episode).

Tony came off ALL diabetes medications following a Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat lifestyle over the 10 weeks and has continued to maintain blood glucose readings, including his HbA1c, in normal range. He no longer has any blood markers indicative of Type 2 diabetes. He also changed his heart B pattern to a normal A pattern, indicating he now has no cardiac risk either and has come off his statins.

Tony dropped 22kgs in 10 weeks!
Tony's blood glucose levels are consistently in the 4's now!
Tony has come off 4 medications! (under GP supervision)
Tony has lost his knee arthritis pain!
Tony wakes up earlier every morning and bounces out of bed with more energy!
Tony is 'buzzing' with his new life!
Tony's HbA1c has come back to normal!
Tony's blood lipid profile has converted from a high cardiac risk to 'normal' with healthy fats in his diet!

Tony Benneworth has reversed his Type 2 diabetes!

Not only is LCHF approved by the CSIRO in the management of Type 2 diabetes, but it is currently being rolled out as a Masterclass to GP’s in Australia via seminars and webinars run by Associate Professor Grant Brinkworth of the CSIRO and Professor Gary Wittert.

All 3 participants of the Channel Seven Sunday Night program showed marked improvements in their blood glucose readings simply by reducing foods that were high in processed carbohydrates, high in sugar and looking at portion control.

The ‘takeaway’ message from the Saving Australia Diet is about the importance of nutrition education, support, accountability and motivation for individuals from a team of healthcare professionals. It showed there was no right or wrong way, because each case was individualised.

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