Dietary Fats Key for Good Health!

Despite the bad press that dietary fat has received over recent years, fat actually play an essential part of any diet - even for sustainable weight loss.

One of our key messages when working with clients is to educate them on choosing healthy fats sources and not to be paranoid about fat. Also to teach them how to read food labels properly e.g. not everything branded low fat is a good choice – it may be high in kilojoules, includes lots of nasty ingredients and be high in sugar and starch.

Facts on Fat

Fat helps to insulate us, protects our internal organs and stores energy we can use for our day. It also forms the basis of cell membranes and provides a very concentrated source of kilo-joules – packing more than twice as many per gram as protein or carbohydrate. Making it possible to fuel from fats in our diet.

Types of Fats

What is a Healthy Fat?

A good definition of “healthy fat” is that it comes from a relatively unprocessed method. e.g. Avocado

Some other healthy fat examples...

Unsaturated fats are important – they make our cell membranes fluid, allowing them to function correctly.
Another fat you’ve probably heard is good for you is omega-3 fat. This is certainly the case. These are a type of polyunsaturated fat and are important for healthy brain development and heart health. Omega-3 fats can be sourced from, fish e.g. tuna, salmon, lean meat and even chia seeds

Health Benefits

  • Supports metabolism
  • Repairs and supports body tissues
  • For good immunity
  • Hormone production
  • Helps with the absorption of many nutrients (such as vitamins A and D)

By consuming healthy fats in the right balance along with reducing refined carbohydrates and sugars in your diet you will also increase your bodies ability to fuel from fat and burn fat better.

Fats also help you feel fuller for longer in between meals!


Eating fats is definitely an important part of staying healthy and achieving a Low Carb Healthy Fat approach. The research is there and it is telling us that healthy fats make for an optimal macro-nutrient.

Healthy Fats & Good Health!

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