Could you be our next Digital Nutritionist?

Are you ready to spread the message and teachings of LCHF far and wide along with our team and help people to take back control of their health?

Are you a passionate person who wants to advance your career in health and nutrition?

Are you ready for a new challenge in 2018?

Nutrition for Life Healthcare have their fingers crossed to find someone who is passionate, motivated, has lots of initiative and will take a deep dive into our digital service delivery in 2018.

We are looking for a Registered Nutritionist or qualified Health professional who is able to deliver individual Nutrition advice, along with experienced methods with clients and who understands the health benefits of Low Carb Healthy Fat eating not only in the lives of others but in application to their own health!

Attributes we are seeking

You must have a passion to teach, motivate and help people learn how to apply Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat nutrition into their lifestyle so that they may go on to lead a positive and healthy future.

Tech Savvy; you must be confident and capable of using various digital platforms to develop and deliver inspiring content and education to our clients. (There will be support offered and processes to follow, but you must be able to present and deliver in the digital space, e.g. social media, webinars, vlogs and blogs and willing to work courageously in this space)

More details...

You must be a subject matter expert ‘champion’ on a range of LCHF topics and approaches that will help people improve their health and lose weight.

Develop exceptional content for our platforms e.g. eResources, blogs and articles

Present in vlogs, webinars and live video posts to your schedule and deadlines

Work alongside members of our team to continuously improve our service to benefit our clients

Show initiative to learn and professionally develop in and outside of your work hours

We will consider applicants outside of our headquarters which is based in Launceston but the right applicant must be able to meet the schedule of our team for planning, meetings and deadlines.

Must have attributes for the right candidate

Non-negotiable requirements...

Available for part-time hours (finer details discussed when short listed)

Must be an Australian Resident

May be based outside of Tasmania - but must have access to our requirements for delivery of content

Must hold a current registration and professional indemnity cover

Contract and Remuneration

Negotiated when we find the right person!

How to apply?

Submit an article/ blog

Create an article as if you were writing a blog for your LCHF audience or audience that you are trying to influence to make healthy changes by applying LCHF to their life. Select from one of the topics. Word limit 500

  1. Gut Health
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Fatty Liver
  4. Emotional eating


Create a video presentation on your topic. Selecting the same topic and to the same target audience you use for your written article, create a 3-5 minute video presentation on your topic.

Submission requirements

Your application and submissions due by December 22nd 2017

Email your your content to (no .com or

Do you have any further questions?

Please use the contact form only below if you have any further questions. DO NOT send your questions to the above email, go through this form below first.

Good luck and reply with your passion!

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