Gary and I proudly cofounded Nutrition for Life in September 2014 to offer a unique allied healthcare service which has grown to ten, and includes a passionate qualified team of health professionals; Accredited Practising Dietitians and Registered Nutritionists with admin support in our Launceston Centre.

If you would like to 'do something' to help continue the LCHF - Nutrition for Life message to help others to take back control of their health, please consider donating to the community arm of Nutrition for Life.

The Nutrition for Life team not only look after clients but together do an enormous amount of work developing resources for doctors and the public, mentoring, after-hours client support, workshops, public talks and community awareness programs.

The results, particularly for those with diabetes, have been nothing short of miraculous for many.

How Can You Help?

Gary and I have been incredibly humbled by the offers of help we have already received and want to thank our wonderful community for their support. We are in the process of setting up a ‘Not for Profit’ Nutrition for Life Community arm so that our community work can continue. It will take some time to finalise and Gary will not be a member of that Board. Several prominent and respected individuals have been approached to be on that supervisory board. Their enthusiasm gives us hope.

If you would like to take your support one step further, to pay it forward, we would be grateful if you considered donating to our Nutrition for Life Community Funding.

If we can get each person with Diabetes Type 2 in Tasmania off just ONE medication we can save $86,000,000 dollars every year. That’s about $4 billion worth of savings for Australia ’every year’ plus the added benefits of better health and less complications.

In 2016, we participated in the very public 'Saving Australia Diet' with Channel Seven's Sunday Night Program. Tony Benneworth not only 'reversed his Type 2 diabetes' using LCHF under GP supervision and an individualised nutrition plan from the team at Nutrition for Life, but he managed to come off all diabetes medications AND reversed his heart risk pattern which has allowed him to come off his statins as well!

Tony has come off 4 out of 5 medications which is a cost saving to him... and he has his health back.

Thank you

Should you choose to assist our Community Funding we would like to thank you with our Nutrition for Life Starter Sheet and a ‘What to Expect’ information fact sheet, both wonderful resources if you are considering adopting a Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat Lifestyle.

Warm regards, Belinda Fettke