Nutrition for Life provide consultation pricing according to the high quality and qualified care each client receives. Our appointment types also include a generous time frame which allow for each client to receive education, resource explanation, support and progress assessment.

Our current consultation pricing is up to date as of Feb 2017.

Private Health Insurance

Depending on which health fund you are with and type of coverage will depend on whether you are able to claim anything back from your fund following your appointments.


We do accept Team Care Arrangement referrals from your GP and Department of Veteran Affairs referrals.

Referral to our service

You do not require a referral to access our services, you may self-refer. Although we do have a growing amount of referring GP's and specialists that encourage their clients to use our service.

You may book online for an Initial appointment by clicking here

Or to book over the phone or speak to our team directly call (03) 6301 9096.